5 Must-Know Tips to Slay Your Workouts

So you’re ready and raring to get back into a fitness routine? Good for you! A few simple workout tips will help you keep up your excitement. If the last time you exercised consistently was when Jon Stewart still hosted The Daily Show, congrats on renewing your commitment. A fresh start can feel great—but beware … [Read more…]

Master the Midday Workout

1 OF 10 If you’re sitting at your desk thinking, Should I or shouldn’t I? Consider this: Research shows that lunch hour might be the best time of day to exercise. Your strength peaks midday, making it the ideal window to get in a strength-, speed-, or power-based sweat, says study author David W. Hill, … [Read more…]

Eight reasons to run!

From blitzing fat to boosting defences, it ticks all the boxes As much as we love hardcore gym sessions, the change of seasons provides the chance to challenge ourselves with a whole array of performance goals. There’s nothing like a workout revamp to help rev up fitness levels, and this spring we’re all about stepping … [Read more…]

Beginner’s guide to weight training

WE GET IT: Showing up to the gym for the first time can be a little bit discouraging. There’s a bunch of dudes looking like vintage Lou Ferrigno, hauling around more weight than you’ve ever imagined, and all you can think about is how far you have to go before you’ll get anywhere close to … [Read more…]

15 Best Workout Tips

Want to know the secrets to getting a toned, trim body in record time? We did too, so we went straight to the top personal trainers, exercise physiologists and fitness instructors for the ultimate moves and motivation tricks to kick a fitness routine into high gear. Put a few of these tips into action each … [Read more…]

8 Really Effective Stretches For Runners

It is almost impossible to find any fitness seeker who does not include stretching exercises in his/her workout regime. Stretching offers your body a number of benefits. The improved muscular coordination and range of motion can come in handy for athletes and runners. It helps the muscles recover faster, thereby charging you up for the … [Read more…]

19 Fitness Tips For Lazy Girls

1. Workouts can be easy or short, but not both at once. First things first. Decide what kind of lazy girl you are: Do you want to minimize your time in the gym or avoid working up a sweat? Short, intense workouts and long, slow cardio are both great fat burners. The same can’t be … [Read more…]

20 Tips to Get Toned Arms Faster

Change Your Grip 1 OF 20 Your biceps are the strongest of all arm muscles and make a great curve just above the elbow. Make sure to perform bicep curls with three hand positions: palms up, palms down, and thumbs to the side. Perform 12 repetitions to the front and then 12 repetitions of each … [Read more…]